FIRST SINGLE OUT! "WHALES" (12.01.2024).


The Dregde - post-apocalyptic rock debut without autotune

Hard work, a life lived, ten thousand nights of rehearsal. Finally, the world gets to hear The Dredge.

The band from Bergen was founded in the 90s. They have been writing songs and practicing together for what seems like a lifetime, and in the spring of 2024 The Dredge will release their first album, Torches.

And it's about damn time.

The Dredge is Kjetil Vikene (vocals, guitars, keys), Mats Andersen (bass) and Frode Røsjø (drums). The three have been eating rock music since they were teenagers - which they no longer are: Here you can hear the mixture of life lived and a thousand nights of rehearsal in what is a band with a particularly coordinated interplay. The Dredge draws inspiration from so many bands that it's almost impossible to name them, but some pointers include Jane's Addiction, The Police, QOTSA, The Clash, XTC, Mogway and The Mars Volta.


Their debut album Torches is a post-apocalyptic rock album with a backbone of bass, drums and distorted guitars, and a head full of anguished vocals. The album is a well-balanced composition of songs from the band's vast vault of original material, produced by the band and Iver Sandøy (Enslaved, Kvelertak) and well seasoned with elegant details. There's no trace of autotune or click tracks here. All you hear is the hard, physical work behind the band's basic groove.

The first album single to be released is "Whales", a song with a big and dramatic soundscape and a beat that never lets up. The song evolves through a fierce, hypnotic riff and manic metaphors, creating a musical world distorted on the brink of collapse.

This ridiculously slow monster of a band is said to have enough material to fill five albums. The debut album will be released on Apollon Records in April, and will be followed by a release concert - or maybe more. We'll see, then, if the publisher manages to get hold of more master tapes before the band change their minds and disappear down the hole they've been hiding in.